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Commercial and industrial plumbing

Commercial & Industrial Plumbing

Major Projects

Our group offers a full range of plumbing and associated works on all types of projects, be they designed or not, require estimates for budget purposes, traditional tendering, negotiated or project managed. We are pioneers of “partnering” arrangements on major projects and are committed to the continued evolution of this type of arrangement between parties.

When it comes to major large scale projects our group offers unparalleled experience and a ‘common sense‘ approach to problem solving both in terms of design and critical path sequencing that inevitably arise in large hydraulics installations.

We have had extensive experience in:

  • Large and small multi-storey buildings, both commercial and residential.

  • Major Hotels and accommodation projects.

  • Large and small industrial projects such as power plants and factories.

  • Large and small shopping complexes, both new and operational.

  • Large and small car parks.

  • Hospitals, schools and prisons.

  • Major refurbishments and conversions.

  • Large and small recreational complexes and facilities.

Tenancy and Minor Works

We have as a separate division a specialised workforce dedicated to smaller works and tenancy fit-outs covering the commercial sector.

We believe that a different approach and understanding is required for this type of work and as such we have specialised in this area for many years offering our clients the full range of hydraulic services for their fit-outs from inception and planning, through briefing and problem solving, documentation and approval, to installation and commissioning.

Service and Maintenance Plumbing

Service/Maintenance Plumbing

Maintenance Division

Our Group offers hydraulics and associated works maintenance to all types and sizes of commercial and industrial complexes. The range covered is the same as our Major works portfolio and indeed many of the maintenance contracts have flowed from projects where we have also been the installer.

This service is offered to our clients on a 24 Hour, 7 Days per week basis with guaranteed response times to suit the particular needs of our clients.

We have twelve “maintenance crews” all of who are direct employees of the CBS Group and have been recruited from within our own ranks after demonstrating the necessary skills and aptitude for the often demanding and varied works attended.

We also offer periodic preventative maintenance programs tailored to your specific needs.

Our Groups intimate knowledge of large and small commercial and industrial plumbing installations ensures that our clients receive the best possible solution to their plumbing and hydraulics problems in a timely and cost effective manner.

All our employees are fully trained, fully accredited, have all necessary certificates and are registered as necessary and are covered by our certified Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA)

Emergency After Hours Number: 0417 055 434